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Sen. Ron Johnson fighting for billionaires

 Senator Ron Johnson fights hard in Washington, DC. But who exactly is he fighting for? Follow the money and you’ll find that Sen. Johnson is in it for himself and his wealthy donors. In 2016, Wisconsin billionaires Richard Uihlein and Diane Hendricks spent $20 million to get Johnson reelected, and their investment paid off big time. In 2017, they…

2018 Endorsements

2018 Endorsements Governor/Lt. Governor Tony Evers/Mandela Barnes (Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative member) U.S. Senate Tammy Baldwin Attorney General Josh Kaul State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski (Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative member) U.S. Congress District 1 Randy Bryce U.S. Congress District 5 Tom Palzewicz U.S. Congress District 6 Dan Kohl U.S. Congress District 7 Margaret Engebretson The following is a list of Citizen…

Senator John McCain

The death of Arizona GOP Senator John McCain on Saturday reminds the nation of how low American politics has fallen. Vietnam War hero McCain survived over five harrowing years as a POW. He went on to a distinguished thirty-five year career in Congress: addressing climate change, supporting immigration reform, opposing torture and leading on campaign finance reform, with Wisconsin Democratic…

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