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About Us

Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund (Citizen Action WI) is dedicated to economic, racial, and environmental justice, and achieving a Wisconsin and an America where every human being has an equal opportunity to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. We believe that organizing is the only pathway to unlocking the true potential of democracy to fundamentally transform our society in the human interest. Founded in 1983, Citizen Action WI is a state-wide membership organization. We use cutting-edge organizing, communications, and policy to create a multi-racial community of interest across urban, rural, and suburban Wisconsin for the purpose of achieving fundamental reform. We use a hybrid organizing model, which combines traditional community organizing with new communication technologies to rally people to action beyond our membership base. Our methods include advanced use of social media, web tools, cutting-edge civic engagement technologies, and a decade old weekly podcast show which has a statewide audience. We have built a talented multi-racial staff team which is making tangible progress. We are one of a handful of groups with a member-leader base across the entire state. Our organizing co-op membership model (democratic local chapters of small monthly donors), is a model for deepening member involvement in decision making while augmenting the capacity-building impact of institutional funding. The co-op model has helped us build a base in small cities and contiguous rural areas across the state, as well as one of the only organizing bases in the Milwaukee Metro area that unites urban, suburban, and exurban areas.

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