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North Side Rising Co-op

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No matter the color of our skin, what’s in our wallet, or where we live in Milwaukee, most of us just want to keep ourselves and our families safe, healthy, and to be able to pay the bills and put food on the table.For far too long, the deindustrialization of Milwaukee has had a devastating impact on our most vulnerable communities, and it’s time we get active and call on our community and elected leaders to do what is best for all of us who live in Milwaukee by making the Green New Deal a reality.Milwaukee’s Green New Deal will create green industry jobs on the North side of Milwaukee, which will combat climate change (global warming) AND economic inequality by prioritizing employment opportunities for People of Color, Women, and individuals from marginalized and economically oppressed communities in Milwaukee.By joining and getting active with Northside Rising, you are coming together with friends, familiy, and neighbors to make sure we can all thrive and that we live in a beautiful and healthy city and state. Only by working together can we improve the day to day quality of life for all of us, like we did recently when we stopped the WE Energies shut offs and landlords evicting us from our homes during a pandemic , and when we fought for civil rights in the past.Sign up here to recieve more information on how to get involved in the work!