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The Battleground Wisconsin Podcast is a weekly program that focuses on the state of politics in Wisconsin. With more than 500 listeners weekly, the podcast has the ear of newsmakers, elected officials, and other political news enthusiasts in the Wisconsin progressive movement. All the hot topics of Wisconsin politics are discussed in a lively format, often with special guests joining in.



Picture Your Health


Every day, Citizen Action will share a picture of a Wisconsinite with health coverage asking those without it to be sure and get covered by March 31st. We want to create a daily meme that will share across social networks and get to the attention of those who still need to sign up!

Help us make this happen : sign up to receive a picture each day of March, reminding people to get health coverage before the deadline, and please share them on Facebook / Twitter / Email / where ever! Let's make sure everyone gets the message!


It is time to return to true American and Wisconsin values.  We must rebuild our economy from the ground up, by strengthening the embattled middle class and expanding opportunity to those who strive to someday be middle class.  A strong middle class doesn't happen by accident, we create it with the decisions we make together, guided by our shared values. We must find the political courage to take tangible steps that will expand economic opportunity as broadly as possible.


We must reaffirm our commitment to those great American and Wisconsin values of freedom, opportunity and shared responsibility. We must fight together to take back Wisconsin and build an economy that works for everyone; where everyone is responsible for doing their fair share, and where every individual who is willing to work hard and play by the rules has a fair shot at realizing the American Dream.

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